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Kunstudstilling på hotellet

Denne sommer kan du opleve kunstneren Mia Färms malerier på hotellet. Fra uge 23 kan Mias farverige ansigter ses i hotellets galleri.

Paintings by Mia Färm

Experience Mia Färm's art. Browse through the images and come inside the Exhibition Hall at the hotel to see Mia's paintings live.

Images from left to right:
 - Blake
 - Cora
 - Kelly
 - Miss August

Et maleri af kunstneren Mia Färm. Billede.

Presentation of Mia

Mia Färm is a talented artist residing in Falkenberg with roots in Gothenburg. With a multifaceted experience from the USA, she has developed a unique and impressive style. By using thick layers of acrylic paint and skillfully handling palette knives, Mia creates vibrant portraits of women's faces.

Her artworks come to life through a fascinating layering technique, where fluorescent and metallic colors give an enchanting yet tough character to the pieces. Mia's art has spread across Europe, the USA, and Canada.

For personalized paintings, Mia accepts orders.

Et maleri af kunstneren Mia Färm. Billede.

Contact information & How to buy Mia's art

All the paintings at the art exhibition are for sale. For personalized paintings, Mia accepts orders.

See more of Mia's art on her website Mia's art, and feel free to follow her on Instagram.

Contact: info@miasart.se