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På First Hotel Breiseth tænker vi på vores omgivelser og miljøet. Derfor er hotellet certificeret som Miljøfyrtårn med en vedtaget miljøpolitik.

Our environmental policy:

We must ensure a pleasant and safe working environment for all employees. We must comply with all government laws and regulations as well as our own internal policies. We must always care for the company’s properties and materials, prevent strain on the external environment, and our products must not harm users. These goals will be achieved through continuous improvement. Both management and employees must actively participate in the improvement work.

The hotel has sustainable development with overlapping of the economic, social and environmental areas.

Some of our goals are:

  • we are thinking re-use before new purchases
  • we focus on less food waste
  • we must be an important player in the local community
  • we must take care of the external environment, sort sources and have a low CO2 footprint

Get environmental tips, read about green shopping and being an environmental lighthouse on Eco-Lighthouse's website.