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Anders Blichfeldt

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Anders Blichfeldt

Grand Hotel i Odense byder indenfor til en gennemført musikalsk oplevelse når Anders Blichfeldt tager os med på sin musikalske og personlige livsrejse.

Get ready for all the big hits from Big Fat Snake, Anders' solo releases, collaborations with Elvis' band, and interpretations from Toppen af Poppen 2019.

There will be laughter, sing-alongs, and perhaps a tear or two shed among the audience when Anders Blichfeldt performs - everyone who has experienced him live knows that. It's fun, beautiful, crazy, intimate, and incredibly musical.

Experience an intimate concert where Anders takes the stage with his instruments, delivering fun, touching, and surprising versions of the songs we know and love; a joyful reunion with "Female voice," "Bonsoir madame," "Sittin' in a window," "Den jeg er," and many more...

The evening begins with a glass of Champagne, followed by Grand's concert menu served in 4 courses with a wine parring before the main act of the evening, Anders Blichfeldt, takes the stage in the banquet hall.

Look forward to a heartfelt story, delivered by a fantastic storyteller - and songs performed by one of the best singers we have in Denmark.

Admission ticket

includes welcome Champagne, concert menu & wine menu.

Price per person: 1395 DKK